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Our vision

We want to give the best possible art experience online. We go beyond communication by information and images. We make it possible for the art buyer or art lover to visit full scale exhibitions directly on their mobile or computer. In the virtual gallery you can discover the artworks in what is the closest you get to real life.

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Lift Art Technologies have combined applied science for online 3D architecture and the gaming industry to achieve a seamless experience. This allows you to walk around freely in the virtual gallery space and engage with the art. Move around by a single touch on your mobile device or a click on your computer.

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You find all relevant information by clicking on the sign next to each artwork in the exhibition. After your tour, you can simply make a request directly to the artist through the form at each individual artist page. Embrace the new way of experiencing and collecting art in a fun and easy way. 

"The virtual exhibitions allows us to be global in a time when we don't travel and it gives us meaningful art exhibitions while socially distancing."