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A membership for the artist

We want to give the artists of Lift Art Gallery the best possible exposure online. As a member, you get your own virtual exhibition in the gallery, curated by our experienced staff. When the exhibition is created we will continuously work to highlight your exhibition and your artistry to the right audience. Our main goal is to get you sales, regardless if those comes directly through Lift or indirectly from the marketing we do. Lift Art Gallery exists for our members, to expose your art is our main priority!

- Mikael Eskilsson, CEO

Membership includes

A membership is valid for one year and can thereafter be renewed or cancelled


Submit 9-12 artworks and we curate your virtual exhibition in Lift Art Gallery. The exhibition can be visited by anyone from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • Curated exhibition

  • Presented at our website

  • Include in your social media or website

  • Change artworks in the exhibition up to three times each year


You will receive a marketing kit with video and images from your exhibition.

  • Images from the exhibition

  • Video "walk through" from the exhibition


Your artist page includes your virtual exhibition together with a presentation of your artistry and the artworks.

  • Profile image

  • Artist presentation

  • Your virtual exhibition

  • Artwork gallery

  • Social media links

  • Customer request function


We highlight your exhibition and your artistry in our social media channels. We also do payed advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Get shared in our channels

  • Payed online advertising

  • Personalized SEO 

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Frequentley Asked Questions

Who creates my exhibition?

One of our experienced art curators that is trained in 3D modeling will hand-build your exhibition.

How does it work to sell art through Lift Art Gallery?

Any visitor can make a request or inquiry from your personal artist page. This goes directly to your email and you handle everything from there. Lift Art Gallery does not charge a commission.

Why does Lift Art Gallery not charge a commission?

To allow the artist to include any artworks he/she wants in the exhibition, regardless if these are represented by a gallery or other online sites or not. This makes for the best possible virtual exhibition.

Can I include artworks that are represented by other galleries?

Yes. Just redirect any inquiries to the gallery and it is just extra marketing for them.

Can I mark a painting as sold in the exhibition?

Yes. In the artworks gallery below the exhibition on your presentation page, you can mark a painting as sold.

Can I change an artwork in an exhibition?

Yes. To keep a good balance between freshness and continuity, we allow you to change artworks three times per year. Then you can change as many or as few as you like.

My question is not answered here

We would love to hear from you and answer your questions. Please send an email to or fill in the contact form on the website.

What happens after I pay for the membership?

You get access to the upload form where you can upload your information and artworks. Once you have sent that in, we will build the exhibition for you, publish it and send you all the marketing material.

Do I need to have all images ready when I pay for the membership?

No. You can pay now and come back to the upload form anytime you want. Your 12 months doesn't start until we have created and published your exhibition.