The idea was born during 2016 as a result of the big changes in the art industry that we have seen the last decade. The art world has gone online and today we have talented artists that are recognised worldwide, doing great sales, but has never made a physical exhibition in a traditional art gallery.  

The Swedish entrepreneur and experienced gallery manager Mikael Eskilsson, founder and CEO at Lift Art Gallery, had an early interest in online development and experimented with 360 photos/videos and innovative web solutions. The focus was always the same, present the artist in the most appropriate and extraordinary way possible.

Mikael and his team made extensive research over the possibilities and was at first a bit surprised by the fact that the art industry wasn’t keeping up with the developments made in virtual reality. Architects, scientist, the entertainment industry and real estate companies was already running advanced VR solutions to give the receiver a powerful experience.

Now the hard work began. How do we create the most suitable solution for the art industry, is it possible to create full scale exhibitions online where the visitor can walk around freely and engage with the art through the screen? The answer was yes. Mikael teamed up with Peter Hamlin, a 3d architect and game developer specialized in web solutions. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, before anything else; how do we create the most optimal virtual gallery space to highlight the art?

"The focus was always the same, present the artist in the most appropriate and extraordinary way possible"

Mikael remembers: “For several weeks Peter sat together with our chief curator and it was amazing to follow the process. They experimented with sizes of the rooms, tried different textures and it just flourished in front of us. In the end of the process they sat for two days just adjusting the light settings to get the right temperature and highlights for the space.”

The next issue was to create a solution for the process of hanging the art in the virtual gallery space. In the beginning Peter tried several ways to standardize the process but Mikael is a perfectionist and wanted total freedom for his curators to uniquely create each exhibition. Finally, they came up with a solution that gave the curator full control and the possibility to arrange each art piece individually. At the same time, they created the visitor settings that would make it possible to walk around freely in the gallery space, directly through the webpage or by the application for mobiles.

Lift Art Gallery was launched in 2017, since then the company has been celebrated all over the world and created exhibitions for some of the 21st Century's most high profiled contemporary artists. However, Mikael is emphasizing that this is not an elitist brand. “We are open for artists that are up-and-coming, in the middle of the career or already high profiled. With Lift Art Gallery we offer a solution for artists that really want to reach out on the big online art market.”